Decentralised Social Saving

Qarrot is proud to introduce social saving.  Reach all of your goals with clever saving and micro-investments.

We Fix Saving


There are reasons why saving is the most difficult thing to do for most, especially millennials. We’re faced with economic pressures, lack of real knowledge on financial management and no real product tailored to making saving a compelling thing to do.


Qarrot takes care of the problems with saving, from the initial inspiration to the saving itself and finally staying motivated. Quickly set goals, fund with crypto or your debit card and tick them off faster with your micro-investments.

  • Community

    Share your goals and interact with the community. It helps to stayed motivated and you never know who you’ll be inspire.

  • Wonder Wall

    The Wonder Wall is your go-to for goal inspiration and motivation. You can view, filter through and follow the goals of other users in the Qarrot community.

  • Copycat

    When you spot a goal in the Qarrot Community you also want to pursue, the “Copycat” feature helps you conveniently make it your own.

  • Clever Goals

    Qarrot calculates and suggests how much you can afford to put into your goals regularly.

  • Decentralised

    Save and invest Crypto and Alt Coin to get your closer to your goal each day.

  • Partnerships

    Qarrot has partnered with Sharevest to allow you to invest in private growth companies you have interest in. Your local coffee chain or an ethical bag brand you love, you’ll be able grow you money in select businesses.

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